Thursday, March 22, 2012

Typhon’s Law : Men are seen as agents and women as patients.

A shout out to Genderratic where TB formulated her law. It has many items that are interesting to read and work as a nice framework. Read it all:

Typhon’s Law explains a broad range of features of the culture. For example, in areas such as violence and crime, it explains who gets blamed and who gets protected regardless of who commits the violence and who needs the protection, whose suffering is taken as more serious and worthy of attention, and, in general, how women’s actions tend to be interpreted as actually being due to men’s actions. It predicts who gets interpreted as a victim and who gets interpreted as a perpetrator regardless of the facts. A corollary is that victims are considered categorically innocent and incapable of offending, so their offenses are pardoned; either by blaming the real victims or third-party by-standers.

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