Sunday, September 3, 2000

Wikis - Mens Rights Discussion

Just watch the discussion. (Talk:Men's rights/Archive 2 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) We have to give cudos to the guys defending our point of view. This I found interesting:

How about this?
Jail Women receive less jail time than men for the SAME crime. Meaning same level of damage/offense. Women in prison differ from their male counterparts in several striking ways. They are likely to be parents and hold custody of their children. Women also serve much shorter sentences than men. Source: Prison time not detrimental to women's job prospects Affirmative Action Men are discriminated against by Affirmative Action. Employers are forced to turn down a more qualified male for a less qualified female because of this.
Violence Against Women Act This is hardly a fair act. This works only for women and serves to sentence men to harsher sentences and improve funding to solve women's cases. What if a woman was to do that to a man? Well, due to VAWA she would not be sentenced as long (paragraph #1 of this text supports this) and will not receive as much funding/attention as a woman's case; yet, men are a lot more likely than women to be victims of violent crimes. Source: Bureau of Justice Statistics Victim Characteristics
Voting There are more women than men in the U.S, and, because of this, males have little influence on how the dollar is spent.
Health Women live 6 years longer than men yet men only receive very little funding for their health problems. More men die of prostate cancer than women of breast cancer yet receive only £1 million for their cancer while women receive £8 millions for breast cancer. Source: BBC News | HEALTH | £1m for prostate cancer research
War Men are forced to sign up for Selective Service and risk their lives fighting in the war because of the draft. Women don't.
Child Custody Women are more likely to receive Child Custody even if the man asks for it. (I have personally experienced this and the wife drank and got drunk.) Source: Divorce Statistics - How Do Child Custody Placements End Up? False Accusations Why is it a woman can falsely accuse a man of rape, murdering his reputation and have to face NO or VERY LITTLE consequences. Some examples: The Duke Lacross case, Lesbian accuses innocent stranger of rape to win back lover | Mail Online & Church minister's daughter who cried 'rape' four times is jailed | Mail Online
TV I understand men are sometimes portrayed as idiots and this is to please the female audience. This is all well and good but it should NOT happen on commercials: kids may be watching and it is not good for them to watch commercials where male violence is shown as funny or where men are shown as idiots. These can have effects later in life especially when a young male sees them. He may feel stupid and drop out of school. I believe this to be true as more males drop out of school than women. (5%) Source for Drop Out Rates: Provincial drop-out rates Women may feel it is acceptable to hit men and men will grow up to feel it is acceptable to be hit which is why more male violence goes under-reported. Someone I know was beaten (he let himself and would not fight back) by his abusive girlfriend and did not report it.
School (a) More men dropout of school at a rate of 12.2% while women dropout at a rate of 7.2%. (See above paragraph for reasons.) Source: Provincial drop-out rates
School (b) Women receive more scholarships than men. Women out-graduate men at disproportionate ratio. Source: Women Outnumber Men Among College Graduates : NPR
Some thing(s) to consider: - Wage Gap (a) Men risk their lives much more often and will choose uncomfortable jobs for higher pay. Why would employers ever hire a man if women are cheaper? See: WARREN FARRELL's Why Men Earn More book site. Summary
- Wage Gap (b) Wage Gap is supposedly a myth. Even if it wasn't, women must learn to negotiate better. Employers are business(wo)men and will not pay a cent more than they have to. They will try to get away with paying you as little as possible, whoever you are: man, woman, black, jewish, cat, dog, elephant.] Source (a): What the wage gap doesn't show us - Feb. 21, 2006 Source (b): ABC News: Is the Wage Gap Women's Choice? Source (c): Untitled Document Source (d): Source (e): NCPA - Brief Analysis 392, The Wage Gap Myth Source (f): Nevada Policy Research Institute Not a credible source but worth reading:
- Why can a woman sue me for looking at her wrong? This is a violation of freedoms. As long as I do not touch her, I am within my rights. I would be laughed at if I tried to sue a woman for this.
I'm sure there are more but I will stop here. I might continue tomorrow. Just for all those you wondering, I am part black so I am NOT a privileged upper class white male: I see things for what they are. Anyone who believes men have everything better have been brainwashed an I hope they will be open minded enough to accept some of these facts. Also note that I am aware that women don't have it better everywhere either. Women are also victims of discrimination and we must not forget this but neither must we forget to stand up for ourselves and out rights.
Thank you for your time.
Ominous ruler 21:15, 29 June 2007 (UTC) Nstrmnt
From some of the articles he links:
  • Prison time not detrimental to women's job prospects

    By Kim Dixon
    News Office

    Women inmates await arraignment in a holding cell in Cook County Jail

    Contrary to public opinion, a prison record may not be a death knell for the job prospects of women who have served time, new research suggests.
    Factors linked with prison time—loss of experience and the stigma of crime—do not appear detrimental to a woman’s employment rate once she re-enters the workforce following a spell in prison, according to the findings.
    Robert LaLonde, Professor in the Irving B. Harris Graduate School of Public Policy Studies, and graduate student Rosa Cho studied records of roughly 7,000 economically disadvantaged women who served time in Illinois prisons between 1995 and 2000. They then matched the data with employment records.
    Women in prison differ from their male counterparts in several striking ways. They are likely to be parents and hold custody of their children. They are older than men when incarcerated, on average 31 years old, compared to men who often land in prison in their 20s. Women also serve much shorter sentences than men.
    “There is a big difference between the male and female prison populations,” said LaLonde. “I’m beginning to think the idea that young people are more malleable is wrong; Training is working better for these women in their 30s.”
    A key factor in the reforming role prison may have on these women is that about 60 percent admitted some type of substance abuse problem when they entered prison, LaLonde said.
    “Prison is a very expensive way to provide services to women, but it is an opportunity to address some very serious inefficiencies they have as far as education and substance abuse problems,” LaLonde said.
    To be sure, policy-makers should reconsider whether prison is the best place to address these problems in this population, LaLonde said.
    Little research has been done about the impact that the incarceration of women has on employment, but the scope of the problem is widening. The national female prison population more than doubled from 1990 to 2001, according to government data.
    During the first full quarter after leaving prison, the women’s employment rates averaged 5 to 6 percentage points above expected levels, according to the research.
    The analysis found that the positive employment effect is greater the longer women spend behind bars. And although the effect fades over time for women who stayed in prison for more than six months, the effect was maintained for a longer period.
    “Beyond the second full quarter after exiting prison, these women’s employment rates average 3 to 4 percentage points above expected levels based on their pre-prison employment histories and on the current employment prospects of similar women who have not yet gone to prison,” the authors reported in the paper.
    “Considering their chaotic lifestyles before, I think prison may actually be motivating some of these women to change their lifestyles, at least in the short term, by giving them access to certain resources” said Cho, who is doing her dissertation on the children of incarcerated women.
    Another consideration for policy-makers, according to LaLonde, is the location of prisons. He suggests prisons be situated closer to cities and social services for better drug treatment, training and employment opportunities.
    LaLonde and Cho point out that more study on this topic is needed and several other factors are at work. These include relatively bright economic conditions in 2000 when the group re-entered the job market.
    And employment is just one measure of economic well-being. In fact, the women in the survey had very low earnings, on average $1,845 per quarter.
    Future phases of the research will focus on how the social welfare and foster care systems impact the lives of incarcerated mothers.
    LaLonde said the results of the recent study also raise new questions about the effects imprisonment has on employment. These include the offset in earnings and the chances of being denied benefits, such as food stamps, as an unintended consequence of employment.
Who is dropping out?

The majority of drop-outs are young men. Of the 212,000 drop-outs in Canada in 2004-2005, 135,000 were men (Figure 3). The rates of dropping out among young men was 12.2% in 2004-2005, compared with 7.2% for young women. For both men and women, the drop-out rate has fallen from 1990-1991, when they were 19.2% and 14.0%, respectively. Figure 3. Thousand of High school drop-outs1, by gender, Canada, 1990-1991 to 2004-2005

1 Defined as 20-24-year-olds without a high school diploma and not in school.
Source: Table 4.
The over-representation of males among drop-outs is not new. However, the share of school leavers who are male has increased in recent years. In 1990-1991, a sizable majority of drop-outs were men (58.3%), but by 2004-2005, that proportion had increased to 63.7%. This was not because more men were dropping out – in fact, there has been a decrease in the number of male drop-outs – but rather because the decrease in the rate of dropping out has been larger for young women.
The finding that there are more male than female drop-outs holds across provinces. This tendency is strongest in Quebec, where in 2004-2005 seven in ten drop-outs were young men. As noted in the October 2004 issue of Education Matters,2 the reasons behind the decision to drop out of high school reported by 20-year-olds in the Youth in Transition Survey differed somewhat between males and females. Young men were less likely to be engaged in school than young women and were more likely to report wanting to work/earn money as a reason for dropping out of high school. In contrast, teenage pregnancy plays a larger role in the decision to drop out of high school for young women. According to the Youth in Transition Survey, 15.9% of female drop-outs left school because they were pregnant or because they needed to tend to their child.3
Labour Force Survey data show that almost four in ten young female drop-outs had children and were heading a household. But again, the trend is down - at the start of the 1990's, there were approximately 60,000 female drop-outs heading a household in Canada who had children, falling to about 30,000 in recent years. The share of female drop-outs who had children was high in every province, but was highest in eastern Canada and in Saskatchewan. On average over the last 16 years, over half of female drop-outs in those parts of the country were heading a household and had children.
The gender gap in higher education overall is widening in favor of women. Colleges are handing out 200,000 more degrees to women than to men this graduation season -- even as the debate over attracting women to the sciences continues.


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