Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Workplace discrimination - 2 sides of the coin....

Some stereotypes hurt both sexes, heck, probably all stereotypes do. I have often heard how men feared being alone with children in fear of having a false accusation being made against them. Be it in kindergarten or in school or whatever place you could think of where a false accusation could ruin your career. The same seems to be true in the workplace:

The CWLP research shows that sponsorship is the critical promotional lever for women stuck just below the top layer of management. However, fear of being even suspected of an illicit sexual liaison causes 64 percent of senior men to pull back from one-on-one contact with junior women; conversely, for the same reason, 50 percent of junior women are hesitant to have one-on-one contact with senior men.

These fears are often well founded. As mentioned in my previous post, illicit relationships (between a boss and a subordinate) wreak havoc in teams.

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