Monday, February 27, 2012

NOW is at it again...

Not trying to beat a dead horse here as I do not disagree that much with feminists (we are pretty much on line with our opinions on sex-positivity, contraception, abortion etc.) but damn it, NOW really irks me the wrong way. From

Feminists at the National Organization of Women are now hypocritically spouting two opposite and irreconcilable lines of attack at the same time, depending what the issue is. Politicians on the national stage have opened more combat roles to women. NOW claims that everyone should support this move because women are every bit as: tough, independent, fearless, and self reliant as men, an assessment I wholeheartedly agree with. But when a few Florida politicians consider ending lifetime alimony, the same organization starts simultaneously claiming that women are defenseless little prairie flowers and must be protected from taking responsibility for their own existence. I wish the National Organization of Women would make up its mind.


It would end "permanent" lifetime alimony in favor of "long-term" support that has a foreseeable end.


Barbara Devane from The National Organization for Women is concerned. “They stay home, they raise the children, and then they get older and the man trades them in for a younger wife, and then they are left out in the cold, and they must be protected,” she says.


  1. Not exactly a shining example of behavior if they want to promote gender equality instead of gender supremacy.

  2. those feminists are a bunch of monsters !

    alimoney is theft ! divorce is robing a child of his father !