Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Women's role in enforcing "patriarchial" norms...

Two recent studies, one found via Arne Hoffmann's blog:

Happy smiling men are consistently rated least attractive by women when compared to proud or brooding men, according to a new study from the University of British Columbia.

[...] Men who thought they might attract a mate with a happy friendly picture might want to consider updating their online profiles.

[...] Tracy and her research partner graduate student Alec Beall had 1,000 adults rate the attractiveness of people in photographs displaying either pride, happiness, shame or a neutral expression.

In men, happiness was consistently rated as the least attractive expression. Shame and pride were the most sexually attractive to women. In women, happiness is the most attractive expression to men.
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And another one via ForbesWomen and YourTango (not sure how serious one could take that source):

Seventy-five percent of women wouldn't hitch themselves to someone who was unemployed, and 65% wouldn't tie the knot if they were jobless


"It is ironic that women place more weight on love than money, yet won't marry if they or their potential suitor is unemployed," said Meghan Casserly, Reporter, ForbesWoman. "A job can make or break the longevity of a relationship and the results of the survey demonstrate just what an important role careers play in romance."


32 percent of women in a relationship make more money than their partner. 50 percent of women would marry someone who earned significantly less than them, while 41 percent wouldn't marry someone who earned significantly less than them.

55 percent would give up their career to take care of kids if their partner asked them to do so; only 28 percent would ask the same of their partner.

77 percent of women believe women can simultaneously have a fulfilling relationship and family life, as well as a successful career.

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  1. You know, I read that study about the brooding/smiling men, but I've yet to meet any fellow women who agree with it. And personally my boyfriend never fails to turn my insides to mush when he smiles.

    I wonder if the research results have more to do with the "type" that men constantly are pigeon-holed into in movies/media (and therefore what role women expect men to fill), rather than what women actually find attractive.