Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The MRM is frighteningly effective and does nothing at the same time.

Feminists, make up your mind, we can't be both:

movements are supposed to move. Hey, wait a second, let me yell again. MOVEMENTS ARE SUPPOSED TO MOVE. I look around the men’s rights movement and you know what I see? Some two-person protests where someone pretends to be Batman, some petitions that can’t gather a thousand signatures, a few activist groups with almost no political power, some pick-up artists, some socially awkward people not dating anyone anymore and a whole lot of bitching in comments sections.
- from here

"Men's Rights" Groups Have Become Frighteningly Effective They’re changing custody rights and domestic violence laws.
- from here and a similar article here (an answer to that article can be found here)

So it might be time to list some accomplishments:

We start with F&F and NCFM. Mediaradar also has some campaigns running. This victory by them about gender neutral language in VAWA might be interesting. Or the success in making DV service more including for male victims, see here and here. SAVE has something to offer as well.

Also there is the new academic discipline of male studies forming

Not to forget about International Men's Day.

I kept that list Us-centric and will add more when I find more. 20.10.11: NCFM at San Diego “Hope in the Park” Domestic Violence Prevention Month Event

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