Thursday, September 3, 2009

The strangest oppression in human history...

I´ll start with that one
Patriarchy is a system mainly oppressing women. And if women is the oppressed group there’s only one group left doing the oppressing: men.
For some strange reason when I hear of oppression, I must think about the apartheid in South Africa, the Jews under Nazi Germany and the racial segregation in the USA, but not women in the western world.

Just imagine, an oppression where...
...the oppressed actually have more voting power than the opressors
...special laws, funds and ministries are favoring the oppressed with no equivalent for the oppresserors
...the oppressed control more than half of all wealth
...violence against the oppressed by the oppressors is punished more harshly than the other way round
...the oppressors receive longer prison sentences for the same crime
...the oppressed are less likely to be victims of violent crime than the oppressors
...the oppressed are better educated
...the oppressed have the better health and live longer than the oppressors and far more ressources and fundings
...the oppressors are far more likely to be killed or to kill themselves than the other way round
...the oppressed have by far the better working conditions

And finally giving the fact that the huge majority of the oppressors as well as the oppressed, prefer a partner of the other group, is the final reason why that oppression failed horribly...even more so realising that the oppressed have the upper hand when it comes to voting power, health, education, control of wealth and the law, one is more likely to think of a privilleged group.

If you have something to add, let me know...


  1. "...the Jews under Nazi Germany...", but not the Palistinians on the Zionist Israel? I guess what is happening today (and for the last 60 years) takes a back seat to something that happened for a few years in the middle of the last century.

  2. I was rather giving examples, not compiling a complete list.

    No matter what, women (in the western world) don´t belong on that list

  3. Anon: Fuck off you prick. You're clearly trolling. This guy is talking about something else completely. There are 1000s of examples of genuine oppression, and the middle east situation wouldn't be the worst. Now shut up.