Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Brazil: 17-year old girl kills 30 men....

The schoolgirl stunned cops by owning up to a serial killing spree that started when she was a 15-year-old.
She told detectives she wanted to confess before she turned 18 and could be tried as an adult.
The girl - too young even to be named - said she began targeting men in her home city of Sao Paulo, Brazil "for money, revenge and to bring justice". 
She even SMILED as she reeled off her list of victims - which is feared to make her the world's most prolific teenage serial killer. She calmly bragged to police: "I don't have enough courage to hold a gun - but I can hold a knife.  
The schoolgirl told how she always used the same knife - butchering one man for throwing a glass of brandy in her face in a bar row. - from here


  1. The veil should be removed from people's eyes after a while.

    She was absolutely sick and she premeditated this.

  2. ....and she won´t get the same punishment as a man would have.