Thursday, January 29, 2009


Found on another blog. Very fascinating:

German sexologist Rolf Degen conducted an extensive research to find out the average duration of orgasm in humans. The average female orgasm lasts for 1.7 seconds. The average male orgasm lasts for 12.4 seconds. It just so happens that a woman spends 1 hour and 24 second in the state of bliss during her entire life, whereas a man enjoys 9 hours and 18 seconds of orgasm in total. The German research contradicts to the general opinion according to which the female orgasm is longer than the male orgasm.


Those women who reach orgasm on a regular basis laugh and smile 2.5 times more often than those who do not, French scientists said. The frequently-orgasming women have a lower level of anxiety, they sleep better and have a more extensive word stock (for some reason).

62 percent of women with higher education have difficulties with reaching orgasm, whereas this number is lower – 38 percent – with those women having secondary education only. The worse education a woman has, the better orgasms she has, Canadian and German scientists said. The scientists determined that 55 percent of university diploma holders hardly ever experience orgasms, while 70 percent of women, who never studied at high schools, did not have any complaints.

About 17 percent of women are capable of experiencing multiple orgasms that last for 20 or 30 seconds.


US psychologists were observing the lives of 300 women who cured themselves of anorgasmy for ten years. Their biographies were compared to the biographies of other women who had similar problems with orgasm, but who interrupted the course of treatment. The number of divorces considerably increased in the group of women who refused to continue the treatment. - From here

Visit that site for more interesting sex stats. 1.7 Seconds....

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