Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I am not sure what happened, but I am in slump right now. It is not that I really do miss the time, even though there is less time, it seems the work is piling and I am essentially avoiding getting shit done. Escapism. I am still passionate about this topic, in fact so much that I find it emotionally exhausting. So I try to slowly get back to action, getting rid of one of the things that keeps me from continuing. The spellchecker. If you use chrome and you want to have an English spellchecker as a German, that is not that easy, as it does not work out of the box for me. The one I am using right now certainly is not getting everything right (sigh). But anyhow, I haven't looked at the unpublished post queue yet, but will see if I can get some posts done to slowly get rid of the queue (I am not reading new stuff (well I tend to avoid it) right now) once I figure out installing a fucking spellcheck. In 2013.....Jesus.

So hopefully there is more content here soon.


  1. Well, your blog is an awesome resource. I use it all the time to dig up references for debates I`m involved in at various forums and blogs. It is truly valuable as a collection of data. I can`t imagine there aren`t other readers who also feels the same thing. I hope maybe this can help inspire you a bit.

  2. Hi Feck,

    I'm wondering if you might be interested in joining in with a research group? I sent you an e-mail but never received a response.