Friday, October 19, 2012

Both men and women judged for sex lives: study. Is this equality? - The Globe and Mail

I posted about that topic before, now there is more evidence:

[A] survey of 19,000 students at 22 American colleges, research being presented at the 107th Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association in Denver on Monday.[...]

In the survey, college students aged 19 to 22 were asked to respond to the statement, “If (wo)men hook up or have sex with lots of people, I respect them less.” Based on their answers, the researchers slotted the students into one of four categories: egalitarian conservative, egalitarian libertarian, traditional double standard and reverse double standard.

A breakdown of the findings:

48 per cent: “Egalitarian conservatives” who lost equal respect for men and women they believed were hooking up too much (54 per cent of women surveyed fell into this category, compared with 35 per cent of men).

27 per cent: “Egalitarian libertarians” who do not lose respect for men or women, no matter how much they sleep around.

12 per cent: “Traditional double standard” holders who lost respect for women, but not men, for hooking up too much.

13 per cent: “Reverse double standard” holders who lost respect for men, but not women, for having casual sex with too many partners.

By a slight margin (1 percent) there are more students now that lost respect for men for casual hookups than there are for women. Who would have thought....


  1. The "Reverse double standard" is called the "unique view". It's the second to least common view and held by 13% - I would hardly call that unique.

    They call it strikingly when it's reported that 6% of women hold the traditional double standard. Anyone who've ever discussed this matter with more than a few women would rather find it striking that ONLY 6% hold the traditional double standard.


  2. This is an eyebrow raiser for me, I would have expected more of the traditional view.

    Perhaps one needs to distinguish between how the guys get the high numbers? Those guys who get high numbers by having very low standards about which women they sleep with, by devoting unreasonable effort and time to it, by making false pretenses and lying, or by socially pressuring emotionally weak girls to comply, those guys I would expect would end up with a loss of status.

    But if we are talking about the studs, those whom the girls actually want to sleep with, would they also suffer a loss of status from having many partners?

    Self-reported opinions tend to be unreliable, respect can be a fuzzy and wide concept, and they make no distinction about how the guys achieved the high numbers. I still believe that many guys will regard a girl, that has had a very large number of partners, as less attractive for long term relationships, and that many girls judge a guy, both for ONS and LTR, to a large extent based on how other girls judge that guy (i.e. not how many women he has been with, but if other women find him attractive), and that those two patterns are less pronounced when reversing genders. (And this does not amount to a double standard, but is two different standards).

    Looked at the study in the earlier post that you link to, “The Sexual Double Standard: Fact or Fiction?”. Some of those objections still hold, notably how does a guy gets his high numbers, by being a stud or by being a womanizer?

    Even so, looking at the student sample, there are noticeable differences in the slopes. Changing half a point on a scale from 1-5, as suggested by the related diagrams, would be substantial. That these differences aren’t statistically significant doesn’t prove they don’t exist.
    Values: Men −.28∗ / Women −.47∗
    Peer Popularity: Men −.04 / Women −.35∗
    Power/Success: Men −.05 / Women −.22∗
    Intelligence: Men −.08 / Women −.32∗

    If you say there is no difference, how do you comment a statement like this, would you say that guys have the same situation? “Tanenbaum (2000), for example, has documented the harassment and distress experienced by adolescent girls who have been branded as “sluts” by their peers.”

  3. The "Reverse double standard" is referred to as the "distinctive view". It's the second to minimum typical read along with carried out by 13% - I would hardly call which distinctive.
    The couple call it strikingly when it's documented that 6% of females hold the traditional dual classique. Any person who've ever discussed this thing together with over a few females might very discover it eye-catching which ONLY 6% hold the traditional 2 fold classique.

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