Thursday, July 26, 2012

Britain will re-write child laws in first major blow for father's rights

Hm, I skipped a bit on international developments for father's / men's rights. But will do so in the future with the new label of "Success" (and maybe tag along some of my older posts (as usual, maybe here means probably not)).

Children’s Minister Tim Loughton will announce that the Children Act 19879, which states that the child comes first in law courts, will be rewritten.

Henceforth the preferred option for the courts will be “the presumption that a child’s welfare is likely to furthered through safe involvement with both parents.” That is, in the absence of abuse, equal parenting, exactly the template we have been patiently awaiting in Canada, will be the default for splitting couples. Furthermore, mothers who refuse to permit access to the children may lose their passports, their driving licences or even their freedom of movement if they fail to comply.
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  1. I am a bit confused since I read "a major blow" as a negative - as in "a major blow against". Perhaps it's some idiom thing which have different meaning in my native language, English and German?

  2. Maybe British vs American English (I did not come up with the title)?

  3. Ah, I now saw the original title and the inclusion of the word "strikes" totally changes the meaning for me.

    (Your captcha's are so fiendishly hard sometimes that they make me doubt my own humanity ;)

  4. Hm....I have captchas (apparently I don't see those as blog-owner)? Time to get rid of those, as I doubt I will have much spam here.

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