Thursday, January 19, 2012

CDC once again, this time DV

Something not so usual happened as I skimmed through my emails, which I really do not do that often. Well reddit was down, so that is probably why. It is a good thing though. I am opposed to SOPA and PIPA as every thinking human should be and so their protest is a good thing. Anyhow, while skimming through my mails, one friendly fellow forwarded me his summary of the data of the "2010 National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey". And while I can not praise the site they are representing (due to affiliation with NOMAS among others). This was a pretty good post. You can read it here. A look at the data shows me there is much about DV we already know, but some interesting tidbits. Time to use my Ascii skills again:

2010 National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey
                             Last Year %      Lifetime %
Type                         Men   Women      Men   Women
Rape / Made to penetrate     1.1     1.1      6.2    18.3 
- by intimate partner        0.5     0.6      2.2     9.4

Violence by intimate partner:
Physical violence            4.5     3.6     25.7    30.3
Severe violence              2.0     2.7     13.8    24.3
Psychological violence      18.1    13.9     48.8    48.4

Other than that, stalking is mostly something women experience with mostly male perpetrators while for men the rate between the sexes was more equal. Also, as for the more violent items of severe violence, it is more women who suffer from it, which is something we already knew (well you knew, if you read my summary). What surprised me at first was that the intimate partner rape in the last year was almost equal as well. Even though one could have figured that out via the equal overall rate, I didn't make that mental connection yet.

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