Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Misogyny - sexual preference edition

Two posts from feministe:

Do you have a right to refuse to have period sex because you think bleeding vaginas be nasty? Of course. And do I have a right to leave your ass and think less of you because of that? You betcha. Because it does come down to misogyny, basically [...] Lots of healthy vaginas expel blood. And if you think that’s gross, well, maybe spend your naked extracurricular time with someone who is vagina-free [...] Basically, dudes who have sex with women and think period sex is disgusting are the brothers-in-badnews-sexytime with people who think oral sex is gross. Don’t like normally-functioning vaginas? Then you should be disallowed from fucking them.

Toysoldier's take on another one.

So is a woman a misandrist if she doesn't like her boyfriend coming in her mouth?


  1. Geez... But this makes it okay for men to not wash their penises before sex, right? It's only normal, you know... Somehow I figure these right only work one way.

  2. No, Feck. Because patriarchy. Duh.

    I'm being snide here, but that is the excuse those feminists tend to use when you call them out on a double standard.

    Because men are in "positions of power" the dynamic is different.