Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Embezzlement and the testosterone fueled finance crisis

This is about claims that the financial crisis was caused by testosterone (or that there wouldn't have been a financial crisis if women were in charge of Wall Street).

Paul Elam did a nice debunking:
Power has corrupting influences.  It affects all human beings, and indeed it has become so rampant a problem in modern culture that we stand on a precipice of economic doom and may be too far gone in tipping over to stop the momentum.
And like always, when data is involved...I have to feature it, I present the "Marquet Report on Embezzlement 2009":

Contrary to conventional wisdom, women are more likely to be perpetrators of major embezzlement schemes than men. However, men, who still tend who hold more senior level management positions, embezzle significantly more in their schemes than women. [...] Nearly 63 percent of the incidents involved female perpetrators, consistent with our 2008 findings (60%). Male perpetrators, on average, embezzled nearly twice as much as females, consistent with our 2008 findings.
Well I really got nothing more to would have thought....well well....


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