Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Men's spaces

From Wikipedia:
Men's spaces refer to separate social and cultural spaces, roles and norms available to men in non-westernized societies. It is the membership of these spaces that determines a male's manhood. [...] The westernized view deems men's spaces as discriminatory toward the rights of women, and therefore fit for abolition. This western standard generally does not apply toward women's spaces, which are viewed as beneficial for women.
No comment needed....oh my.


  1. Oh - my.
    There is nothing I can say.
    That's unbelievable.

  2. Yes, we have 90 women only colleges, and no man only colleges.

    I am reminded of the grunting and squealing of the pigs I slopped on my father's farm in the 50's.

    Anonymous age 67

  3. I remember, a few years ago, as part of my country's westernization, they were making all the boys government high schools into co-ed schools (although, they left the govt girls high secondary schools intact -- go figure!) ... actually, in this one they were merging the boys school with the girls schools -- this mixing of genders is always beneficial to women, but is always anti-man. The high school boys staged a big protest and they refused to move into the common classes. The Hindustan Times (I think it was either 2003 or 2004, published a picture of the boys hanging on the school gate and refusing to move in. There was such a strong camaraderie in them -- this unity is not found in westernized males, I guess, because of their conditioning and gender roles that expect them to be welcoming of women's intrusion into their spaces.