Tuesday, June 23, 2009

You got mail....

This will be a personal one. But let us first talk about the feminist view of privilege, which basicly means, if you have no penis you are a second class, opressed person, chained to the kitchen sink. While a penis grands you rights and privileges a woman can only dream about. Of course this is a warped view. Warren Farrell hit the nail on the head:

Farrell points to the over-representation of men among groups such as the homeless, suicides, alcoholics, the victims of violent crime and prisoners.

He argues that men disproportionately occupy the most dangerous and unpleasant occupations and that “if a man feels obligated to take a job he likes less so he can be paid more money that someone else spends while he dies seven years earlier, well, that's not power.”

In addition, he points to spheres of discrimination against men in such spheres as the military draft, family law and the criminal justice system. Far from being privileged, he argues that policies such as conscription, the women and children first rule and the over-representation of men among the most dangerous occupations illustrate men’s status as ‘the disposable sex’.
From Wiki and from "The Myth of Male Power"

Anyhow what irks me the most is, that feminist have a habit to forget privileges their genitalia grants them in this society and for once the positive side-effects of "being chained to the kitchen sink".

And now we get personal.

Today I received an Email from my wife. The Email started with "Weeeeeeeee" which is usually a good sign. So I was informed that my daughter learned to sit today. I was excited and as usual, I was not there. It reminds me of the Email I got when she uttered the word "papa" first. And I guess there will be Emails in the future where I will learn that she starts crawling or walking, because I was not there. Kind of depressing. And speaking of "patriarchial oppression" one has to wonder that men (especially fathers) fight tooth and nail, for the privilege to not see their children grow up. If we keep in mind that women tend to marry up we begin to understand why it is the way it is.

At last, many many women choose to be mothers and reject feminist theory. For example, I compared the international feminist site feministing with a huge German board based on motherhood, parenting and becoming pregnant. Alexa tells me, both sites have roughly the same reach (keep in mind that Germany is smaller than the USA where most of the users from feministing are from). Most of the users of both sites are women and one is surprised how much opinions differ on those boards. In short if you try to act pro-choice on the mothers board you will not gain many friends. And while feminist on feministing will complain about workplace discrimination, the mothers will talk about the joy of being a mother.

Very interesting.

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  1. I once worked with German nationals, and when speaking of how divorce and custody issues have impacted my life, they made it perfectly clear that compared to US men, German men have no shot when it comes to child custody issues in a divorce situation.

    Keep up the good work.