Saturday, May 16, 2009

I am thinking, thinking....

Well this might be a little bit ranty because it is a rant....and I am drunk....and my socks are on fire.

Anyhow recently I was thinking about stereotypes. More specificaly the stereotype of the nagging wife. How can it be that among different cultures and centuries this stereotype is kind of a recurring theme. Again thinking about that one might wonder if there is something typical female and typical male. And by exermining closer, given the biological difference and the different expierience people will have because of that, one might wonder why feminists do not seem to be aware of such universal truth that is in that stereotype.

If we think about the so called feminist theory of sexual objectification and human history one has to wonder if sexual objectification in the feminist sense even exist.

Recently this figure has been found (40.000 years old) and suggest that even before media hijacked human conscience men were interested in "big boobs"

Try to backtrack the history of make-up and you will find examples arround 6.000 years ago. Makes one think about human nature.

With that in mind I can only think of one enlighting information a feminist gave us some time ago. This interesting article gave us a background on typical male and female sexual roles, suggesting that women want to be desired while men desire women. This pretty much devalues the "objectification" theory and this again makes me wonder about the agenda behind the feminist critique about it. If you think about it feminist critique is often about what men do, ignoring what women do. You simply have to read feministing for a month to understand what I mean, or simply these two postings. On the one hand you will see women complainig about a man not wanting to date a woman he is not attracted in and on the other hand you will find an overweight women who is just attracted to "non overweight" men. In one post you will find women bitching about "shallow men" just being interested in looks, in the other you will hear that it is okay to only be interested in someone you are attracted to, including a list of reason why to reject a man (he isn´t that much into football is one example) and why this is not bigotry (because of the current ongoing opression, whatever that is supposed to mean).

This is simply nagging online. Horrible.

The way feminist frame even male problems as a female problem (men getting longer prison sentences is in reality sexism against women as the judges don´t see women as responsible adults) makes me think about something similar as well. When it comes to sex you just can´t take the other gender out of the equation. I heard about an essay called "I am not my penis" which is simply an extension of that logic and a true conclusion as well. If women are objectified, doesn´t that mean men are stereotyped as well, as ever-lusting sex-addicts? If sex is shoved into our faces on a daily basis, doesn´t that mean that we do not only get used to women as sex objects, but to men as being constantly in need of sex as well?

This post is really missing a punchline and I will simply blame it on the alcohol...haha.

It is almost 3 am and I hope I could give some food for thought (or make some people laugh), oh and I didn´t proofread, this makes it more ranty.

Yes I know ranty is not a real word....get over it.

Feck out...

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