Friday, March 6, 2009

Yep, that is the reason....

I came across that bit on a feminist site (I am not going to name) and that just speaks for itself:
I've never considered running for office. That might seem kind of normal, except I was a political science major in college and follow electoral politics very carefully. I'm a feminist who cares deeply about the lack of female representation in politics.
And reminds me of a joke I heard before:
For 10 long years, every night Susan was praying to win the lottery. One night after a prayer the room is suddenly embedded in light and angelic choirs can be heard. Then a deep voice says: "Give me a chance Susan and buy a damn lot!"
Oh, the irony...


  1. Hallo

    Da ich keine andere Möglichkeit finde dich anzuschreiben mache ich das hier über einen Kommentat.

    Der Link zu WGVDL hat sich geändert. Richtig ist "". Falls du der Feckless bist der sich bei WikiMANNia angemeldet hat, dein Name wurde gesperrt weil du eine ungültige Emailadresse angegeben hast.


  2. You know why women aren't in politics right? It takes too much time to put make-up on two faces. ;)